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By Barbara Taylor Bradford

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Meredith Stratton labored difficult to turn into a profitable businesswoman—and now she owns six dependent hotels worldwide. yet on a visit overseas she is struck via a wierd affliction, one who turns out to don't have any actual reason. Meredith has continuously performed by means of her personal rules—and won—and now she needs to discover the roots of this secret sickness that threatens her destiny happiness. The solutions lie buried someplace in her forgotten previous. And with the aid of a being concerned psychiatrist, Meredith should peel again the layers of her so much rigorously designed and built production: herself.

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And as I told you earlier, if the Morrisons do end up taking it over, I’m sure they’ll want you to stay on. ” “What’re your feelings about them? ” “They’re more than interested, Meredith. I’d say they are extremely eager to get their hands on Hilltops, as I told Blanche the other day. It’s apparently what they’ve wanted for the last few years…a country inn in Connecticut, far away from the hectic pace of New York City and the rat race of Wall Street and Madison Avenue. New careers for them both.

When she had asked Patsy which of the two inns she preferred, her partner had been somewhat evasive. “The one in Keswick needs much less done to it,” she had said, and then clammed up. 56 / Barbara Taylor Bradford When Meredith had pressed her further, Patsy had refused to make any more comments. “I want this to be your decision and yours alone,” Patsy had murmured. “If I give you my opinion now, before you’ve seen either hotel, I’ll be influencing you, setting you up in advance. ” It had been Patsy’s suggestion that if she had no reason to return to London, she should fly to Paris from the Leeds-Bradford Airport.

Morrison looked across at Meredith and said, “I love the way you’ve decorated Hilltops…it’s so charming and intimate. ” “Thank you,” Meredith said, smiling at the other woman. “I like decorating, creating a look, an ambiance. And lots of comfort for the guests, of 50 / Barbara Taylor Bradford course. ” Elizabeth Morrison nodded. “Very apt, very apt indeed. And I think all of your little touches are wonderful. ” “We’ve always wanted to run an inn like this,” Mrs. Morrison confided. “And now’s the time to do it, when we’re both still young.

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