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By Susan Meier

ISBN-10: 1426806884

ISBN-13: 9781426806889

From playboy to parent!

Watching her tiny daughter napping cradled in her fingers, Grace is familiar with she could do something for her. no matter if it capability assembly with the fellow who broke Grace's heart--the guy who does not even recognize he has a child...

Danny Carson is Grace's former boss, and he is as attractive and brooding as ever. Little does he become aware of a work trip that became a whirlwind affair had a shocking consequence!

Playboy Danny is set to find he is a father...

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For those same twenty seconds, with his dark eyes condemning her, she fervently wished he would. But without saying a word, he pulled open his door and stepped aside so she could enter. ” She walked into the echoing foyer of his big house, fully expecting this to be the worst evening of her life. CHAPTER FOUR AS GRACE brushed by Danny, a band of pain tightened his chest. At first he thought the contraction was a result of his anger with Grace, fury that she’d continued with her pregnancy scheme.

Right now you and I need to talk a bit about what you can do and where in the organization you would like to serve. ” “There is a condition. ” She frowned. ” She shook her head. ” Positive he’d heard wrong, Danny chuckled. ” “I’ve been with your company two weeks. Yet I was the one chosen for a weekend at your beach house with Orlando Riggs—a superstar client most of the men and half of the women on staff were dying to meet. You’ve already given me a perk beyond what employees who have been with you for years have gotten.

His knees felt like rubber. Pain ricocheted through him and he squeezed his eyes shut. In vivid detail, he saw Cory’s birth, his first birthday party, and every Christmas they’d had together. He remembered his giggle. He remembered his endless questions as he grew from a toddler into a little boy. He remembered how he loved garbage trucks and mailmen. Pain overwhelmed him as he relived every second of the best and worst six years of his life and then realized he could very well go through it all again.

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