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By Rebecca Winters

ISBN-10: 1426878095

ISBN-13: 9781426878091

Fran used to be surprised through the depth of her appeal to Andre Benet. He wasn't trying to find a dating, so he'd allow Fran imagine he was once unavailable. Now he could not withstand her from now on. yet could Fran think relatively so secure with him now he had husband capability?

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Why would I hide anything as miraculous as my own flesh and blood from the brothers I have served all these years? I’ve told them that when I’m gone, I want you to be free to stay here for as long as you like. This can be your home when you want it to be. “I’m not a man of the world. I can’t leave you a shop or a farm. I own nothing. But I can give you a quiet place of repose where you can come to be alone, to ponder. I see only one thing lacking in you. You’ve learned everything except the meaning of life.

I’ve seen it before. It’s exquisite. Do you think I could take pictures of it as well as the Abbot’s grave? I presume he’s buried on the property. ’” The monk’s expression sobered. ” For the next hour Fran plied him with questions as they toured the grounds, the kitchen, the library which the Abbot used for his personal study, and the inner sanctuary. Naturally the monks’ dormitory was off limits. When they reached the gift store, she took more pictures, then bought honey butter and pear jam to give to her family.

Indeed, you are a victim, and my heart grieves that you’ve been robbed of your family. “If there is an accusing finger, it should be pointed at me for taking my pleasure with your mother before I said my final vows to become a monk. ” Andre’s head reared back. ” He raised his hand once more, then it fell back at his side. “Maudelle was your mother’s elder sister. She never married, never knew a man. Her jealousy of Lisette made her say unkind things. “Don’t believe her accusations. A man cannot be tempted unless he allows himself to be, my son.

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