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By Richard Bach

ISBN-10: 0440204887

ISBN-13: 9780440204886

Within the cloud-washed airspace among the cornfields of Illinois and blue infinity, a guy places his religion within the propeller of his biplane. For upset author and itinerant barnstormer Richard Bach, trust is as genuine as a whole tank of gasoline and sparks firing within the cylinders...until he meets Donald Shimoda--former mechanic and self-described messiah who could make wrenches fly and Richard's mind's eye soar....
In Illusions, the unforgettable follow-up to his out of the ordinary bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach takes wing to find the ageless truths that supply our souls wings: that folks don't want airplanes to soar...that even the darkest clouds have which means when we elevate ourselves above them... and that messiahs are available within the unlikeliest places--like hay fields, one-traffic-light midwestern cities, and so much of all, deep inside ourselves.

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I tried. I closed my eyes and wondered what was going to happen to me if I stayed much longer with this strange per son. It was fun to be with him, but I couldn't shake the sense that something not fun at all was going to happen to him before long, and I didn't want to be around when it did. Thinking that, I opened the book with my eyes still closed, then opened them and read. 62 lou ou are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real selfry*.

There's a tension, flying and selling rides alone. I was used to it, but still it was there: if I don't fly passengers, I don't eat. Now when I could sit back, not de pending for my dinner on the outcome, I relaxed for once and watched. The girl stood back and watched, too. Blonde, brown-eyed, solemn-faced, she was here because her grampa was. She did not want to fly. Most often it's the other way around, 34 eager kids and cautious elders, but one gets a sense for these things when it's one's livelihood, and I knew that girl wouldn't fly with us if we waited all summer.

Mostly/'he said. " he said. "I ain't lookin' for no teacher," I said. " He looked at me and smiled. " 43 T ■hrongs and masses and crowds of JL people, torrents of humanity pouring against one man in the middle of them all. Then the people became an ocean that would drown the man, but in stead of drowning he walked over the ocean, whistling, and disappeared. The ocean of water changed to an ocean of grass. A white-and-gold Travel Air 4000 came down to land on the grass and the pilot got out of the cockpit and put up a cloth sign: FLY—$3—FLY.

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