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5 prn. 24 A. WAYNE VOGL FIG. 3 I . Illustration of the lower half of the apical Sertoli cell process containing a late spermatid and showing the major organizational features of tubulobulbar complexes. Elongate processes develop from the spermatid head and protrude into corresponding invaginations of the adjacent Sertoli cell. Most of these processes have both tubular and bulbar regions as shown here. Networks of actin filaments occur in Sertoli cell regions surrounding tubular regions, while acuff ofendoplasmic reticulum surrounds the bulbarregions.

First, elements of the ER are not always associated with the system. Second, the actin filaments are not generally organized into paracrystalline arrays; rather, they appear to form loosely arranged bundles. The latter observation would tend to indicate that the actin-binding proteins present in these bundles may differ from those present in the mammalian system. One actin-binding protein that may be present in the ectoplasmic specializations of some nonmammalian vertebrates is myosin. Antimyosin antibodies label the actin filament bundles associated with spermatids of the ratfish (Stanley and Lambert, 1985).

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