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By Daniel Cohn-Sherbok

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ISBN-13: 9781349213306

A part of a chain which explores modern non secular understandings of humanity and the universe, and contributes to elements of the ongoing dialogues among faith and philosophy, among scepticism and religion, and among different religions and ideologies, this ebook seems to be at Judaism.

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7 Rabbi Marmur believes that the lay leadership will in the end endorse the rabbinic decision, but they may not. Thus here is a case of a rabbinic body laying down law for Reform Jewry despite the wishes of a large segment of the community. Such a lack of agreement about what is best for Reform Jews exemplifies the extreme difficulty of deciding which elements of Jewish law are applicable to the movement. Finally, it has been suggested that certain traditional laws should be retained because of commitment to the wider Jewish community.

Since Moses and the children of Israel did not sing a second time in this life, the text must mean that they will sing after resurrection. 30). Not 'build' but 'shall build' is stated. Thus resurrection is intimated in the Torah. I2 Similarly, R. Joshua b. Levi said: 'Where is resurrection derived from the Torah? 5). The text does not say 'praised thee' but 'shall praise thee'. Thus we learn resurrection from the Torah'. 13 The principle qualification for entrance to Heaven (Gan Eden) is to lead a good life in accordance with God's law.

Related to this criticism is what Sacks sees as a further important error: Jacobs mistakenly believes in halachic change since Jewish law is man-made and occasionally wrong. However, Sacks argues that laws are not an individual's private code but rules which govern a community. No law can be changed by an individual will or a sub-group unless they have authority over the community. '4 Sacks contends that The Torah in Modern Judaism 33 Jacobs fails to grapple with the question of halachic authority and his opinions therefore lack any communal basis.

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