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Secrets and techniques, lies, blame and guilt. merely love and forgiveness can conquer the blunders of the previous. Witt Matlock has carried round a sour hatred for Hardy Wingate, the fellow he holds accountable for the dying of his daughter. And now, twelve years later, the fellow he blames for the tragedy is again in his life—and in that of his niece, Joni.Widow Hannah Matlock has saved the reality approximately her daughter Joni's delivery hidden for twenty-seven years. in simple terms she understands that Witt is Joni's father, and never her uncle. She and Witt have by no means spoken of the evening she attempted to get in spite of her philandering husband by means of seducing his brother. yet with Hardy coming among Witt and Joni, Hannah understands she needs to allow pass of her secret...whatever the consequences.Anger, resentment and deceit threaten to spoil a kinfolk that teeters at the brink, till 4 broken souls can learn how to forgive...and permit themselves to like.

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Her mouth tightened, and she looked away. When she faced him again, her eyes were moist. "When Karen died, I didn't just lose my best friend. " In spite of himself, he felt his throat tighten a little, and he cleared it. " She shook her head, silencing him. "It's been twelve years, Hardy. Twelve years! And ever since we talked this afternoon, I've been thinking about how much Wilt's anger has cost me. And you, too. Karen would never have had to sneak out with you that night if Witt hadn't thought you weren't good enough for her.

When he stepped in through the front door, he brought the frigid night in with him, and Joni felt the draft snake around her bare ankles. Witt was a bear of a man, over six feet, and broad with muscle from hard labor. He filled the doorway and then the small living room as he stripped off his coat and muffler. A grin cracked his weathered face, and his eyes, as blue as Joni's, seemed to be dancing. He wrapped Joni in a big hug, the way he always had, his arms seeming to make promises of safety and eternal welcome.

But she wasn't doing this for herself, or even for Hardy, really. She was doing it for Karen. Before she could formulate a response, the wind ripped around the corner of his house, splattering her face with ice needles. "Damn," he said under his breath and reached out, taking her arm and pulling her inside. He closed the door behind her, shutting out the bitter night. "Thanks," she murmured, her thoughts scattering as she got a look at the inside of Hardy Wingate's house. Polished wood greeted her everywhere, from the original plank floors to the polished stair railing rising to the second floor.

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