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By Joe Mendelson

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Expressions of the author's political activism, those photographs of recognized politicians contain George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, invoice Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Jean Chr?tien, Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day, Preston Manning, Mike Harris, Ernie Eves, and others. The photographs are not editorial cartoons, yet particularly expressions just like Edvard Munch’s “Scream.” Each portrait of those icons comprise insightful reviews by means of the artist.

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I could write a whole book about how Chrétien played his hand from pimping CANDU reactors in China to the desecration of the CBC to the neglect of our commitment to Kyoto to his smarmy mockery at the Gomery Commission. Chrétien’s statement that he “took responsibility (for occurrences) on his watch” like his “promise to kill the (Mulroney) GST” amounted to lies. When Chrétien pulled out his golf balls to mock Justice Gomery during the hearing, I realized this guy was vindictive toward Canada and Canadians.

Iraq II because he, Chrétien, didn’t buy the spin of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the bogus threat to America via alleged Iraq-born terrorism under Saddam Hussein. Chrétien didn’t swallow the whopper Cheney was selling to link Saddam to Osama. As I articulated up front in the 18 foreword, it may well have been Mrs. Chrétien who favoured Canada’s exemption from Iraq II but the NATO mission in Afghanistan would nevertheless ensnare Canada in Chrétien’s wish to placate our bellicose neighbour George W.

A little fellatio while nearly a million in the world’s richest, allegedly freeist country, went homeless and hungry. ) to come clean over this international blow job only fuelled the salivating lackeys of the Right. 23 Bill Clinton’s tenure will go down (no pun intended) as a two-term blow job. Pity. 24 Stockwell Day Currently relegated to the portfolio of domestic security minister under PM Stephen Harper, Mr. Day was the dashing man who supplanted Reform Alliance founder-leader Preston Manning to become official leader of the Opposition until replaced by Stephen Harper and his loyal lieutenant, former Progressive Conservative Peter MacKay (who today serves as Minister of Defence).

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