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L'objectif de ce livre est de revoir les issues de grammaire ?tudi?s au niveau moyen mais, surtout, observer, analyser et travailler sur les nuances et les subtilit?s de los angeles syntaxe et du lexique du fran?ais en tenant compte des divers registres de langue. Sommaire : constitution de los angeles word fran?aise; los angeles nominalisation; Nature de los angeles word et ordre des mots; Verbes transitifs et intransitifs; Participe move? des verbes transitifs et intransitifs; Verbes impersonnels; Verbes pronominaux; Adjectif verbal, participe pr?sent, g?rondif; Infinitif; L'adjectif (place et sens); Mots invariables; L'article (quelques rappels); Les ind?finis (principales difficult?s); Les pronoms personnels; Les pronoms d?monstratifs (quelques remarques), and so forth.

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The Chomskyan Basis of Inside-Out Theories Current Inside-out theories represent an advance over previous formulations based on Chomsky 1965. In the older versions, the child's mind was likened to a black box whose contents defied inspection. Into this box, commonly known as the "Language Acquisition Device," were dumped all the linguistic generalizations that could not arguably be derived from linguistic experience (Chomsky 1972). When the number of linguistic rules and transformations became unwieldyboth in the grammar and by extension in the child's Language Acquisition DeviceChomsky (1981) developed the "Principles-and-Parameters Theory" of what he (1988) refers to as the "language faculty," which consists of a set of invariant principles and a set of parameters that are set by some linguistic environment, just as certain receptors are 'set' on exposure to a horizontal line.

Processoriented theorists, however, emphasize the means through which children discover their grammar by focusing on the mapping between function and form. Not surprisingly, structure-oriented theorists are often linguists and processoriented theorists tend to be psychologists. Like the structure-oriented theorists, the process-oriented group grants that nature has endowed the child with < previous page page_34 next page > < previous page page_35 next page > Page 35 domain-specific linguistic knowledge that makes language learning possible.

We argue that the dichotomies that have historically characterized theories of language acquisition are better cast in terms of continua than in terms of polar extremes. By collapsing theories onto continua, we do not intend to downplay the significance of prior work in language acquisition. Rather, adopting this treatment allows us to show the perhaps unanticipated commonalities among the theories that guide our research. 4, we discuss what might be common answers to the three questions guiding this chapter.

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