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By Guttorm Fløistad (auth.), Guttorm Fløistad (eds.)

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Instead, they are themselves based on hermeneutic understanding. ) This is different in the case of psychological or socio-psychological explanations of people's behavior from motives and habitualized rules (dispositions) that might be characteristic for certain groups or classes within a certain spatio-temporal region of the socio-cultural reality. In this case we are not so much interested in understanding hitherto unknown motives (Le. good reasons one might share under certain conditions to be specified) of unique actions (or at least historically-relevant types of action).

Rickert's conception of understanding the individual achievements of human history in the light of 'value-relations' that are anchored to the 'third world' of 'valid' or 'irreal being'). Furthermore, the fact stressed by Karl Popper and his school that all the data of experience - including those of natural science must already have been interpreted in the light of theories which further involve pre-conceptions and traditions, does not yet account for the special feature of hermeneutic methodology.

Also P. Ricoeur [47]). I wanted only to point out its interconnection with the E/V controversy. In as far as this interconnection is explicitly reflected and elaborated upon in the recent works of Habermas and Apel, it should be emphasized that the traditional (idealistic and materialistic) models of a critical dialectic philosophy of the social sciences are taken up in the interests of a critical reconstruction on the basis of a universal or transcendental pragmatics of cognition. -O. Apel approach is to be carried through by means of a constant pursuit of critical argument with the analytic philosophy of science.

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