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Girl Sweetbriar had continually led a practical existence for a proud yet now not so right English lady stuck in a global the place unmarried girls have been scorned with scandal. She fought gossip with gumption and poverty with a preposterous plot to maintain her relatives jewels. however the plot is going awry and amorous missteps be able to threaten the single factor that propels the delicate middle of woman Sweetbriar?

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Lady Sweetbriar glanced obediently at the model of a man-of-war ready to launch, which with diverse other items, including a large marble foot, littered the grand staircase of the British Museum. Then she peeked again at her companion, a trustee of that establishment. Sir Avery Clough was a tall and very aristocratic-looking gentleman of four-and-forty years, whose figure was set off to good advantage by his morning coat of dark blue superfine with plated buttons, striped toilenette waistcoat, canary-colored pantaloons of ribbed kerseymere, and Hessian boots.

With the least encouragement Lady Sweetbriar was prone to dwell at great length upon her cheese-paring spouse's last iniquitous act, a fact regretfully known by all her acquaintance. Sir Avery concentrated his attention on the excellently preserved vulture's head, and withheld comment. Whereas Lady Sweetbriar could lay no claim to a well-regulated mind, she was no slow-top. "My conversation is very fatiguing, I know," she handsomely allowed. "But it is not wonderful that I should be on the dangle for a fortune, existing as I do on the merest pittance -- not that I am a gazetted fortune hunter -- or if I am, I mean to give good value, I do assure you!

Beseechingly, Lady Sweetbriar gazed up at Sir Avery. "I need your advice! The thing is, I have been looking at furniture prints all the morning, and I cannot make up my mind! Would you prefer polychrome chintz with floral designs realistically treated in natural colors? Or painted silks imported from China? The latter would go excellently well with an Axminster carpet of Chinese inspiration which caught my eye. You will approve my taste, Avery! " If Sir Avery was annoyed that Lady Sweetbriar had interrupted his preoccupations to discuss a matter so trivial as the stuffs with which she intended to refurbish his ancestral home, he did not say so outright.

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