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By Kara Marie Lynch

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This paintings info an software of collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy for the separation of short-lived isomeric states and their next examine with decay spectroscopy. It studies the profitable development of a singular decay spectroscopy equipment that may function at pressures lower than 1 x 10^-9 mbar. the strategy is tested by means of keeping apart the nuclear floor and isomeric states of 204Fr and appearing alpha-decay spectroscopy. An similar mass spectrometer will require 4.6 million occasions as a lot solution to accomplish an identical consequence. This paintings unambiguously confirms the life of a moment isomeric kingdom in 204Fr. the writer additionally demonstrates the effectiveness of this system for laser spectroscopy and identity of hyperfine-structure parts with strength tagging. this system used to be effectively utilized in 202Fr to spot flooring and isomeric states. The size of 202Fr suggested during this thesis demonstrates an element of a hundred development in sensitivity in comparison to state of the art fluorescence options. The paintings suggested during this thesis received the writer the IOP Nuclear Physics staff Early profession Prize.

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This lowering of the energy increases linearly with the number of neutrons, reducing the shell effect as the mid-shell is approached [7]. In heavy nuclei, such as lead and francium, there is a large neutron excess. This results in the excited valence protons in the intruder state occupying nuclear shells with a large quantum overlap with those of the valence neutrons. This enhances the proton-neutron interaction, and leads to intruder states and shape coexistence in this region of the nuclear chart.

The CEC contains potassium metal, heated to a temperature of 150 ◦ C, to form a vapour (≤10−6 mbar). 34 eV [17]), charge transfer easily occurs. The positive francium ion acquires an electron, neutralising the ion bunch in preparation for resonance ionization. In the interaction region, the atom bunch is collinearly overlapped with two laser beams. In this region ultra-high vacuum (UHV) is required, of the order of 10−9 mbar. This is to reduce the number of atoms that are non-resonantly ionized through collisions with gas molecules, which would result in a false count.

These transitions are narrow enough to resolve the isotopes shifts (of the order of 10 GHz) and the hyperfine structure splitting (100 MHz). 7 nm) excitation step probes the hyperfine structure resulting from the coupling between the 7s 2 S1/2 and 8p 2 P3/2 states with the nuclear spin. 7 nm light. 7 nm light was provided by the RILIS team at ISOLDE using a narrow-band Ti:Sa laser [23, 24] optically pumped by a diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser (Model: DPSS 10 kHz) containing a Nd:YAG crystal.

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Laser Assisted Nuclear Decay Spectroscopy: A New Method for Studying Neutron-Deficient Francium Isotopes by Kara Marie Lynch

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