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By Joseph Louis Lagrange

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One of many 18th century's maximum mathematicians, Lagrange made major contributions to research and quantity concept. He added those lectures on mathematics, algebra, and geometry at the École Normale, a coaching tuition for lecturers. An exemplar between uncomplicated expositions, they characteristic either originality of notion and style of expression.

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So, experimental philosophy may replace classical natural philosophy. Leibniz was ready to object that the new theory was in fact a renouncement of the philosophy which intrinsically “cherche la raison et la divine sagesse qui la fournit”6. Moreover Leibniz pretends that experimental philosophy does not actually give up hypothesis. Simply the very fruitful hypothesis, these that would display reason (causal or not) of the phenomena are replaced by hypothesis that merely show some kind of correlation with the phenomena; hypothesis in fact asthenic (hypothèses fainéants, as Leibniz wrote) which would imply for science a complete rupture with the demands of rationality.

P. 653) John von Neumann is regarded by both the Skeptics and the Concerned as a typical mathematical physicist relying heavily on the axiomatic method. The aim of this paper is to describe von Neumann’s position on mathematical and axiomatic physics. The analysis is motivated in part by what I take to be a somewhat curious situation: While mathematical physicists view his work as a paradigm example to be followed, and although even the Sceptics acknowledge that von Neumann’s work is a great intellectual achievement, one hardly finds any detailed historical or philosophical analysis of his views on mathematical and axiomatic physics ((Halmos, 1973) and (Wightman, 1976) being exceptions).

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