Andrew Harvey's Light the Flame: 365 Days of Prayer PDF

By Andrew Harvey

ISBN-10: 140194373X

ISBN-13: 9781401943738

The act of prayer has been recognized—by sages and skeptics alike—as a robust solution to enact optimistic actual, religious, and emotional swap. Prayer has the ability to take us past the rational brain, establishing our hearts and fascinating our souls. It brings us peace and overall healthiness. Its goal is to uplift our spirits and produce us towards the divine.

In gentle the Flame, instructor and poet Andrew Harvey has accrued the 365 prayers that experience most affected his existence, providing us an everyday reminder of the sacred. Drawing insights from world wide, throughout religions, and an array of disciplines, Harvey offers concept from nice non secular minds like Rumi and Thomas Merton, activists like César Chávez and mom Teresa, and philosophers like Nietzsche and Voltaire—plus he comprises a few of his personal works. With issues that diversity from love and loss to solidarity and transformation, this luminous e-book will trap your mind's eye and nourish your soul.

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D. A. Wiegers (eds), Jeruzalem als Heilige Stad: Religieuze Voorstelling en Geloofspraktijk, Kampen 1996, 38-52. J. DE JONG inviolability of Jerusalem, which may be represented by Ps. 46:6: ‘God is in her (sc. 69 Whereas is was previously suggested that this notion was a central doctrine of the Zion ideology,70 it has been recently argued that this, and similar, phrases are not to be read as a doctrine, but as expressions of the belief that Yahweh’s presence means protection for Zion, and by implication for Jerusalem.

Furthermore, in Isa. 28:1-4, the pride and arrogance of Ephraim’s leaders again comes to the fore. Their drunkenness images their blindness for the actual situation, which is governed by Yahweh. Then, in Isa. 10:5-15:, Assyria is criticised. Being Yahweh’s instrument for taking action against Judah’s enemies (Isa. 7:16; 8:1-4; 10:5-6), Assyria went too far. It had its own agenda, namely to conquer the world. Since this affected Judah too, Assyria is criticised (Isa. 10:515:). Different though these accusations are, the negative qualification is the same: in every case the enemies of Judah’s well-being are pictured as being arrogant, relying on themselves, and being alienated from Yahweh’s will.

150. J. DE JONG were reworked into a composition that criticises the Davidic dynasty, exemplified by Ahaz, and announces its destruction. 3. Isaiah 7:1-17 as a Composition Apart from Isa. 7:1, which as we have seen is dependent on 2 Kgs 16:5, Isa. 7:1-17 contains two further cases of elements taken from elsewhere. These two cases indicate that Isa. 7:1-17 has been composed as purposefully mirroring the story of Hezekiah. (1) The first is the detailed description of the location where Isaiah is to meet Ahaz (Isa.

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