Seizi Iwata's Locative Alternation: A Lexical-Constructional Approach PDF

By Seizi Iwata

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The purpose of the current quantity is two-fold: to provide a coherent account of the locative alternation in English, and to boost a constructional concept that overcomes a few difficulties in past constructional bills. The lexical-constructional account proposed this is characterised by way of major gains. at the one hand, it emphasizes the necessity for a close exam of verb meanings. at the different, it introduces lower-level structures akin to verb-class-specific buildings and verb-specific structures, and makes complete use of those lower-level structures in accounting for alternation phenomena. instead of being a totally re-creation of development grammar, the proposed lexical-constructional account is an automated end result of the fundamental guiding principle of constructional ways as being usage-based.

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Sam loaded the wagon with a fork with hay. Third, manner adverbials like quickly can intervene between the direct object and the instrumental with as in (37b), but not between the direct object and the locatum with as in (37a). (37) a. Sam loaded the wagon quickly with hay. b. Sam loaded the wagon quickly with a fork. Similarly, the locatum with must precede adverbials like yesterday. Chapter 3. A lexical-constructional account of the locative alternation  (38) a. She sprayed the truck with red paint yesterday.

By abstracting over these verb-specific constructions, we now have a verbclass-specific construction which pairs the common semantics with the syntactic frame [NP V NP PP]. Now there are still other verb classes that have slightly different meanings and which occur in the same syntactic frame, like (19a) and (19b) (see Goldberg 1995; van der Leek 2000). (19) a. John coaxed Mary into the room. b. John helped Mary into the room. By abstracting over these verb-class-specific constructions, we now have an abstract caused-motion construction, as in Figure 8.

1 Spray That the full expression He sprayed the wall with paint instantiates the construction means that by simply looking at a verb alone, one cannot necessarily determine whether it may appear in a particular syntactic frame, let alone in more than one frame. Consequently, alternation phenomena are no longer localized in the lexicon in the narrow sense, despite the long tradition in the lexical semantics literature of holding verbs alone to be responsible for alternation phenomena. Strictly speaking, therefore, in talking about the alternation one needs to consider how the full expression is composed from its component parts, rather than the verb meaning alone.

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