Logical and Epistemological Studies in Contemporary Physics - download pdf or read online

By Hüseyin Yilmaz (auth.), Robert S. Cohen, Marx W. Wartofsky (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9027703779

ISBN-13: 9789027703774

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14) U = 1 + iF, F = F* where F is the generator of the infinitesimal transformation U. 15) ~tP (x) = tP (x o) - tP (x) = i [F, tP (x)]. The action principle states that the generator F and the action Ware relatedas 6 (f (fo where U and Uo are two space-like surfaces. 17) F(u) = f [(n/l(ytP - gIlVL) ~xv - nll~tP] dUll (f with nll =8/8Il tP. 17) it follows that the variation in F owing to ~¢ arises from the n/l~tP term alone. Introducing this variation of F (owing to ~¢) back into Equation (6. 104) of Note 4 with tensor indices suppressed.

For A#O the relation p = v = fin will be modified slightly but, as we have seen, there is a condition on A, namely, for integer values of the influence of A must disappear. 7) A 2 n2 Fv =

K being assigned to each cf>k(X). In this manner the simultaneous consideration of wave and particle aspects leads to a statistical interpretation of a frame of reference, which further revises our usual understanding of special relativity. 5) expresses the normalizability of every permissible field cf> (x) although it does not contain information as to how the normalization itself shall be achieved. 3) rather than the dynamics of the individual waves corresponding to individual particles. 8). 8) is essentially an eigenvalue equation and therefore its consequences are independent of the numerical magnitude of pep).

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Logical and Epistemological Studies in Contemporary Physics by Hüseyin Yilmaz (auth.), Robert S. Cohen, Marx W. Wartofsky (eds.)

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