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By Lin Bai, Jinho Choi

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Low Complexity MIMO Detection introduces the main of MIMO platforms and sign detection through MIMO channels. This publication systematically introduces the emblem detection in MIMO structures. comprises the elemental wisdom of MIMO detection and up to date study results for low complexity MIMO detection.

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A/ Let y0 D y, I0 D f1; 2; : : : ; M g, and k D 1. m/. a/. The algorithm is terminated as m D M . , the size of H is M M ), while BPSK is used for signaling. The ZF-SIC is carried out to detect signals. 1. 1/ The nonzero elements of R are independent random variables. M m C 1/ degrees of freedom and its probability density function (pdf) becomes Á f jrm;m j2 D where jrm;m j2 0. 3/ The nonzero off-diagonal elements, rm;l for l < m, are CSCG random variables with mean zero and unit variance. 1, a main disadvantage of SIC detection is that there could be more detection errors at lower layers and be propagated to higher layers.

6. 2 Received signal vectors of a 2 users multiuser MIMO system under a certain user selection strategy close all; clear all; (1) Nt = 2; % Number of transmit antennas. (2) Nr = 2; % Number of receive antennas. (3) M = 4; % 4-QAM modulation. (4) L = 1000; % Length of transmit signal. (5) SNRdB = 8; % SNR in dB. /(SNR*log2(M)); (8) ALP = [-1+i -1-i 1+i 1-i]*sqrt(3/(2*(M-1))); % Signal alphabet. (9) s1 = ALP(randint(Nt,L,[1 M])); % Random transmit signal of the 1st user. (10) s2 = ALP(randint(Nt,L,[1 M])); % Random transmit signal of the 2nd user.

Thus, the role of a linear filter is to suppress interfering signals. 19) respectively. With sQzf and S, the hard decision of s is carried out at the symbol level as follows: 1. 19), we have sQzf D ŒQs1 ; sQ2 ; : : : ; sQM T . 3 Linear Detection 21 « ˚ 2. 20) 3. The hard decision of s is generated as sO D ŒOs1 ; sO2 ; : : : ; sOM T . 19), is enhanced. In this case, good performance cannot be guaranteed with an enhanced noise vector. 2 MMSE Detection To reduce the impact from the background noise, the MMSE detector employs a linear filter that can take into account the noise.

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