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By Jayne Ann Krentz

ISBN-10: 0373252579

ISBN-13: 9780373252572

Filomena Cromwell returns to her place of birth for her sister's marriage ceremony able to end up her new self belief and independence. 2 cassettes.

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Then he slowly pushed his fingers into the depths of her fiery hair. “ He lowered his head until his forehead was resting against hers. “ She trembled as his fingers traced small, random circles on the nape of her neck. „I seem to be doing what you want me to do. “ she demanded softly. “ She felt slightly desperate. He tilted her chin with his thumbs and brushed his mouth against hers. „I need to hear you say you want me. I’ve seen hints of it in your eyes, in the way you tease me by staying just out of reach, in the way you kissed me last night.

Trent flattened his palm on her stomach and drew his hand lower. His fingers clenched briefly in the small, soft triangle at the apex of her legs and then he was exploring even lower. His touch became excruciatingly intimate. Filomena sucked in her breath, dizzy with sensation as Trent found the liquid warmth between her thighs. She heard his groan of desire and shivered in his grasp. He held her more tightly. „The waiting is over, for both of us,“ he muttered as he widened the space between her legs with his hand.

Filomena’s laughter faded. „I didn’t enjoy that phone call from Gloria Paxton this afternoon,“ she confessed with a sigh. She turned away, walking slowly back into the living room. „I’m glad she called,“ Trent surprised her by saying as he followed her. Filomena frowned at him over her shoulder. “ He reached out and flicked a wall switch that turned off the lights. A soft, velvety darkness descended on the room. “ Filomena stood unmoving in the shadows. She tried to concentrate on the lights of the city below her, but the only thing she was really conscious of was the knowledge that Trent was almost upon her.

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