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By Felix Bronner (Eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9780121533328

Meant for phone, molecular and developmental biologists, biochemists, physiologists, neuroscientists, and microbiologists, this quantity discusses such issues because the function of GTP-binding proteins in sign transduction, and calcium pumps within the plasma and intracellular membranes,

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Courtesy of Drs. Noriko Usui and lchiro Takahashi (A, B) and Fumie Suzuki (C. ]Abbreviations: acr, plasma membrane of the acrosomal cap region: ag, acrosomal granule; ap, acrosornal process; eq, plasma membrane of the equatorial segment region: iam, inner acrosomal membrane: par, plasma membrane of the postacrosomal region. 1. SPERM-EGG FUSION 17 the sea urchin spermatozoon: the anterior region of the membrane is nearly free of the particles (Fig. IOA). The elongated acrosomal membrane covering the surface of the acrosomal process has sparsely distributed particles (Fig.

D. T. ( 1 9 x 5 ) . Effects o f polyaniines upon capacitation and 233, 97-100. fertilization in the guinea pig. Exp. Z(JO/. Fleming. A . D.. and Yanagimachi. R. (19x1). Effects o f various lipids on the aci-osome reaction and fertiliLing capacity o f guinea pig spermatozoa. with special reference to the possible involvement o f lysophospholipids in the acrosome reaction. G ( i ) t i e / e Re\. 4, 253-273. Franklin, L. E. (1965). Morphology o f gamete membrane fusion and of sperm entry into oocytes o f the sea urchin.

Liss, New York. 1. SPERM-EGG FUSION 37 DdzguneS. N. ( 1985). Membrane fusion. c,//. 11. 195-28'3 Ehensperger. E . and Uarros. C . (19x4). Changes at the hamster oocyte ~ r f a c efrom the germinal vesicle stage to ovulation. tc Rr\. 9, 387-397. Elinson. R. P. (1975). Site o f sperni entry and ;I cortical contraction associated with egg . 257-268. activation i n the frog Rtrt7tr pipiem\. D c v . B i ~ l 47. Epel. D. (19x2). The physiology and chemistry o f calciuni during the fertilization o f eggs.

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