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Good evening; ladies and gentlemen aboard this, British Airways flight 5898307 to Madrid. ř He ripped off the headphones and waited impatiently for the cabin crew (the new volumetric projectors were not working) to complete running through the life jacket and oxygen mask demonstrations. Choking under a complex and ever-growing mass of regulations, which demanded insufferable prolixity from the demonstrations, the cabin crew required many, interminable minutes to perform their task. Yet more interminable minutes were lost while they indicated, with insulting detail, the location of the emergency exists, and the procedure in the event of an emergency landing.

Look at Lord Hailsham, or Mr. Tony Blair, or Mr. ř ŘAbsolutely,ř he said, emphatically. ř Pinstripe took no notice of him. ŘThey are commemorated by bronze plaques and the statues and the memorials scattered around our capital. ř ŘOf course. ř Pinstripe stared at him sternly from under the cantilever of his hoary eyebrows. ŘI have been a leading military historian since my first (bestselling) book was published in 1963. ř He smiled, glad to find common ground, and eager now to present his own credentials.

He was determined to avoid meat; not because he was an Řextreme and cranky vegetarianř, but because he had no desire to emulate Pinstripeřs neighbour. ř The attendantřs lined face registered impatience. ŘNo. ř Although famished, he was faced with a quandary. He was contemptuous of the vegelate bars stacked on the trolley; not only did he crave savoury, but alleged Řchocolateř bars these days, irrespective of brand or quality, were saturated with Aspartame. ) He knew that 10% of Aspartame consisted of methanol, a chemical that was gradually released in the small intestine when the methyl group of aspartame encounters the enzyme chymotrypsin.

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