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Consider act utilitarianism for a moment. We might expect such a utilitarian to be motivated by pure disinterested benevolence and to deliberate by calculating expected utility on each and every occasion for action. But it is a practical question how to reason or be motivated, and direct utilitarianism implies that this practical question, like all practical questions, is correctly answered by what would maximize utility. Utilitarian calculation is time-consuming and often unreliable or subject to bias and distortion.

1789] 1970) Chapter IV, Paragraph 5) But then the Proportionality Doctrine would be asserting that an action is right insofar as it has beneficial consequences or insofar as its beneficial consequences predominate. But these are direct act utilitarian claims. Third, Mill sometimes understands tendencies as powers or dispositions of things to produce a certain sort of effect that will produce that effect unless some countervailing force interferes. For instance, in his understanding of the laws of mechanics in A System of Logic, Mill denies that an object subjected to a force always moves in the direction of the force.

Brink world, if feelings are cultivated which will make people, in certain cases, regardless of happiness. (CW VIII, p. 952) Mill makes similar claims in his essay ‘On Bentham:’ We think utility, or happiness, much too complex and indefinite an end to be sought except through the medium of various secondary ends, concerning which there may be, and often is, agreement in persons who differ in their ultimate standard; and about which there does exist a much greater unanimity among thinking persons, than might be supposed from their diametrical divergence on the great questions of moral metaphysics.

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