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By John Shepherd

ISBN-10: 0132387670

ISBN-13: 9780132387675

This article is a part of a language path that offers systematic assurance of the entire key goods of English grammar wanted by way of secondary and grownup scholars. It comprises graded perform and workouts designed to stimulate in addition to to enhance figuring out.

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When you speaking of a particular case: are My bus is leaving in 10 minutes. , I i i V"" cannot use the present simple for your own plans: X 'What do you do next week? X I have supper with Helen. L Good English? @ ln these sentences, two of the underlined verbs are "normal" and three are "strange". Tick normal ones, and say why the others are strange. 1 The train leaves in five minutes. hat do you do tomorrow?. 3 The London train is arriving in Glasgow at 6-43 arn4 They're driving to Spain for their holidays' 5 W.

Fust, start) a new job with an accountancy firm. (he, be) before that? Oh. And where He .............. k) in a bank for a yeer, but he ..... (not, like) it. How long (he, be) with his present firm? He .. k) there for six months now. How He .. (he, get) the job? (answer) an ad in the newspaper. 27 I had worked (past perfect) Look at these pictures, and study the sentences below. (Haaing breakfast in the Zoo . ) tNhen the clown woke up, the monkeY had already eaten his breakfast. e They couldn't find the lion tamer because the lion had eaten him.

She got into the driving seat nervously. She .. t car before. Two Secretaries: One Lazy and One F{ard-working @ You have to put in the right tense of the verb (past or past perfect). hen Rose ... 0 to the office at 9 o'clock, Susan had already started work. 2 Rose typed fwo letters before 10 o'clock; Susan (already, rype) ten. 3 They both had coffee at eleven, but when Rose (return) et 1,130, Susan had already gone back to her desk. 4 Susan finished her morning's work at L prn. By that time Rose (go) to lunch.

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