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In local technological know-how, Gregory Cajete "tells the tale" of Indigenous technology as a manner of figuring out, experiencing, and feeling the flora and fauna. He issues to parallels and changes among the Indigenous technology and Western technology paradigms, with precise emphasis on environmental/ecological stories. After discussing philosophical foundations, Cajete addresses such subject matters as historical past and delusion, primal parts, social ecology, animals in fable and fact, vegetation and human health and wellbeing, and cosmology and astronomy.

In the Indigenous view, we human observers are not at all become independent from the realm and its creatures and forces. simply because all creatures and forces are comparable and hence undergo accountability to and for each other, all are co-creators. 5 centuries in the past Europeans arrived at the American continent, yet they didn't hearken to the folks who had lived for millennia in religious and actual concord with this land. In a time of world environmental degradation, the technological know-how and worldview of the continent's First Peoples supply views that may aid us paintings towards recommendations.

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It was therefore up to Western people as to how they might express or apply this God-given right of dominion over nature. Ironically, Western society's systems of science and technology have literally come to have a kind of life of their own. The splitting of the atom, creation of the computer, advances in genetics and microbiology, and a host of other developments have given science and technology the aura of invincibility and god-like qualities. Yet, with the advent of the theory of quantum mechanics, theoretical physicists and others have begun to realize that the universe has a non-material dimension, a deep spiritual dimension, and an elegant guiding intelligence.

Forms and designs are adhered to while also being transcended. "Generally, ceremonial artistry acknowledged the inherent mystery, the intrinsic integrity of both medium and material, but within the parameters and adherence to a sometimes strict cultural convention" (Garcia 1990:12). Time. Time itself becomes an artistic/creative ingredient as a culturally defined dimension combined with the intuitive and spiritually conditioned sense of timing applied by the master artist in the production of ceremonial art.

PHILOSOPHY OF NATIVE SCIENCE 77 The following could be described as foundational premises or realities of the Native worldview, and consequently, of Native science as well. Natural democracy must prevail. The Earth is alive and nurtures all things of her body and all have intelligence and a right to exist. " Democracy, or the concept that all are equal and have a say in how their lives will be lived or affected, is a principle of social ecology. Everything is related. This premise is based on acute observation of the entire web of life in order to gain insight into the relationships among all living things.

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