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It used to be an evening she'd always remember. . .two strangers coming jointly in a single breathless second of severe desire and heart-stopping wish. yet now sheltered Hannah Raymond is waiting for the kid of rugged naval seaman Riley Murdock--a guy she by no means idea she'd see back. . . Riley has been looking for the elusive Hannah for months--ever when you consider that that evening of searing ardour left him shaken to the very depths of his soul. Now destiny has ultimately reunited them. decided to offer his baby the opportunity he'd by no means had, Riley marries Hannah. that they had created he miracle of existence jointly, yet might that be adequate to spark the miracle of affection?

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He was silent at that, not knowing what to tell her. He didn’t want her out looking for a job. It was plain the pregnancy had already taken a toll on her health. „Relax for a while,“ he suggested after a moment. “ She sighed and closed her eyes, leaning her head against the back of the cushion. “ She looked as if she’d do exactly that, but not in his bed, Riley noted bitterly. Not in his bed. Riley’s apartment was on the second floor of a complex overlooking Sinclair Inlet. The Nimitz, an aircraft carrier, and several other large Navy vessels were moored along the piers of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

I’m only trying to help,“ she cried. “ „I’m treating you like a pregnant woman,“ he countered sharply, gripping her by the shoulders. Despite the anger in his voice, his touch was light. Hannah raised her gaze to his, and when their eyes met, something warm and delicate passed between them. The silence swelled, filling the room. It was a comfortable silence that chased away the doubts she’d experienced earlier. Whatever his reasoning, whatever hers, they were married now; and each in their own way seemed determined to make the best of the situation.

He demanded. “ Riley demanded a second time. Instinct told him the photo wasn’t one of a relative. He knew he was right when Hannah’s gaze shot toward the box in question. The look that came over her features was incredible, a mixture of pain and of love so strongly mingled that it was as if she were no longer aware of who or where she was. „Jerry Sanders,“ she answered in a voice so low Riley had to strain to hear. “ Riley repeated the word, not because the news shocked him or because he didn’t believe her, but because… if she’d been engaged to Jerry Sanders, then why the hell had she been a virgin?

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