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1 Repetition and Recovery In many NMR and MRI experiments the system is re-exited before full relaxation (before waiting 5 × T1 ) has occurred. Often this is to speed up the total time necessary to make an image in MRI or to acquire a 2d NMR spectrum. The time between multiple excitations is called the “repetition time” and denoted by T R. There is an optimum RF excitation pulse to maximize the signal given a specific T R and T1 which is called the Ernst angle [38, p. 155]. 2: Transverse magnetization obtained in the steady state by exciting at the Ernst − TR angle θE = arccos(e T1 ) ——– vs.

The equation for magnetization with (isotropic) diffusion in the rotating frame is ∂M = D∇2 M. 1 Diffusion Weighting with Gradients Application of gradients during an NMR or MRI experiment can cause additional attenuation of the signal when there is significant diffusion. In early experiments [46] this was recognized as a confounding factor in measuring T2 . Later, NMR and MRI measurement of the diffusion properties of solutions and biological samples developed into a rich subfield in itself [53, 52, 51, 54].

The term spin-spin relaxation originates from the mechanism whereby the field from other nuclei and nearby molecules, atoms, or ions is a random function of time, and causes a slight change in phase of a given nuclear moment’s precession. These random phase variations accumulate over time, causing a reduction in the net macroscopic transverse magnetization. The details of transverse relaxation mechanisms are beyond the scope of this dissertation; the reader is referred to references [30, 32, 34, 39, 35, 36, 9].

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