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By P. Gary Eller, William Heineman

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content material: 1. Environmental administration technological know-how software: One aspect of a Balanced Solution-Based funding technique / Gerald Boyd, Mark Gilbertson, Roland Hirsch, Arnold Gritzke 2 --
2. demanding situations and medical concerns for the dep. of power guns complicated Cleanup: High-Level Waste and Spent Nuclear gas / William L. Kuhn 19 --
three. Subsurface Contaminants concentration quarter: leading edge know-how improvement for Environmental Remediation / Van rate 35 --
Radionuclide and f-Element Chemistry --
four. Actinide habit in impartial Media / G.R. Choppin forty eight --
five. Aqueous Complexation of Eu(III) with natural Chelates at High-Base focus: Molecular and Thermodynamic Modeling effects / Andrew R. Felmy, Zheming Wang, David A. Dixon, Alan G. Joly, James R. Rustad, Marvin J. Mason sixty three --
6. Eu[superscript 3+] and UO[subscript 2 superscript 2+] floor Complexes on SiO[subscript 2] and TiO[subscript 2]: types for checking out Mediated Electrochemical equipment for the therapy of Actinide Processing Residues / Tammy A. Diaz, Deborah S. Ehler, Carol J. Burns, David E. Morris eighty three --
7. part Chemistry and Radionuclide Retention of High-Level Radioactive Waste Tank Sludges / J.L. Krumhansl, P.V. Brady, %. Zhang, S. Arthur, S.K. Hutcherson, J. Liu, M. Qian, H.L. Anderson ninety eight --
Separations and therapy Chemistry --
eight. Use of Cage-Functionalized Macrocycles and Fluorinated Alcohols within the Liquid-Liquid Extraction of NaOH and different Sodium Salts: thoughts towards Waste-Volume aid / Bruce A. Moyer, Peter V. Bonnesen, C. Kevin Chambliss, Tamara J. Haverlock, Alan P. Marchand, Hyun-Soon Chong, Artie S. McKim, Kasireddy Krishnudu, K.S. Ravikumar, V. Satish Kumar, Mohamed Takhi 114 --
nine. Use of man-made Inorganic Ion Exchangers within the removing of Cesium and Strontium Ions from Nuclear Waste options / Paul Sylvester, Abraham Clearfield 133 --
10. Stepwise meeting of floor Imprint websites on MCM-41 for Selective steel Ion Separations / M.C. Burleigh, Sheng Dai, E.W. Hagaman, C.E. Barnes, Z.L. Xue 146 --
eleven. Extraction of Metals from Soils utilizing Fluoro-Supported Ligands in CO[subscript 2] / D.L. Apodaca, E.R. Birnbaum, T.M. McCleskey, T.M. younger 159 --
12. Synthesis, Characterization, and Ion alternate of Novel Sodium Niobate levels / T.M. Nenoff, M. Nyman, Y. Su, M.L. Balmer, A. Navrotsky, H. Xu a hundred seventy five --
thirteen. Oxidation of chosen Polycyclic fragrant Hydrocarbons via the Fenton's Reagent: impression of significant components together with natural Solvent / Z. Qiang, J.H. Chang, C.P. Huang, D. Cha 187 --
Geochemistry --
14. interplay of Water and Aqueous Chromium Ions with Iron Oxide Surfaces / G.E. Brown, Jr., S.A. Chambers, J.E. Amonette, J.R. Rustad, T. Kendelewicz, P. Liu, C.S. Doyle, D. Grolimund, N.S. Foster-Mills, S.A. Joyce, S. Thevuthasan 212 --
15. Electroosmotic move cost: A Semiempirical procedure / J.H. Chang, Z. Qiang, C.P. Huang, D. Cha 247 --
sixteen. Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene and Carbon Tetrachloride at Iron Oxides and Basalt Minerals / Jani C. Ingram, Marnie M. Cortez, David L. Bates, Michael O. McCurry 267 --
actual and Radiation Chemistry --
17. Radiation-Induced approaches in Aqueous Suspensions of Nanoparticles and Nanoscale Water motion pictures: Relevance to H[subscript 2] creation in combined Waste and Spent Nuclear gas / Thom M. Orlando, Dan Meisel 284 --
18. Thermochemical Kinetic research of Mechanism for Thermal Oxidation of natural Complexants in High-Level Wastes / Donald M. Camaioni, Tom Autrey 299 --
19. Kinetics of Conversion of High-Level Waste to Glass / P. Izak, P. Hrma, M.J. Schweiger 314 --
20. Nature of the Self-Luminescence saw from Borosilicate Glass Doped with Es / Zerihun Assefa, Richard G. Haire 329 --
21. Radiation and Chemistry in Nuclear Waste: The NO[subscript x] procedure and natural getting older / Dan Meisel, Donald M. Camaioni, Thom M. Orlando 342 --
Analytical Chemistry --
22. Novel Spectroelectrochemical Sensor for Ferrocyanide in Hanford Waste Simulant / Mila Maizels, Michael Stegemiller, Susan Ross, Andrew Slaterbeck, Yining Shi, Thomas H. Ridgway, William R. Heineman, Carl J. Seliskar, Samuel A. Bryan 364 --
23. Refinement of Immunochemical equipment for Environmental research of Polycylic fragrant Hydrocarbons / Qing X. Li, Alexander E. Karu, Kai Li, Steven Thomas 379 --
Biochemistry --
24. structure of Antibody Binding websites for Polynuclear fragrant Hydrocarbons / Jean-Luc Pellequer, Shu-wen W. Chen, Ann J. Feeney, Bitao Zhao, Hui-I Kao, Alexander E. Karu, Kai Li, Qing X. Li, Victoria A. Roberts 398 --
25. Genotypic impact on steel Ion Mobilization and Sequestration through steel Ion Ligand creation via Wheat / Teresa W.-M. Fan, Fabienne Baraud, Richard M. Higashi 416.

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In addition, there is a more autonomous group at WETO (Western Energy Technology Office in Butte, Montana) that works cooperatively with SCFA to develop and deploy remediation technologies. C M S T manages many projects that fall within SCFA's work packages one and eleven. Development and demonstration of chemical and radioactivity sensors and adaptation of these to novel access systems, such as the cone penetrometer, are done through CMST. C M S T participates in SCFA Site Needs analysis visits.

Stabilization of Deteriorating Mark 16 and Mark 22 Aluminum-Alloy Spent Nuclear Fuel at the Savannah River Site. Report DNFSB/TECH-7. html 5. Meyer, PA, M E Brewster, SA Bryan, G Chen, LR Pederson, CW Stewart, and G Terrones. 1997. 1, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2000. ch002 34 6. C. et al. 1995. Technetium Partitioning for the Hanford Tank Waste Remediation System: Anion Exchange Studies for Partitioning TechnetiumfromSynthetic DSSF and DSS Simulants and Actual Hanford Wastes (101-SY and 103-SY) Using Reillextm-HPQ Resin.

Solvent extraction has been explored at INEEL for separation of fission products and transuranic elements from dissolved calcine (if one were to process the calcine) and from the high-sodium acidic liquid wastes. The stability of extractants in these highly acidic solutions can be a problem. Candidate extractants include cobalt dicarbollide, for which considerable experience exists in Russia and the Czech Republic. A cesium extractant was developed at Argonne National Laboratory as part of an integrated fission product separations process (8).

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