Nucleic Acids, Part A, 3rd Edition - download pdf or read online

By Paul D. (Editor); Boyer

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Nonlethal PolA I2 Mutant Strains bearing thepolA12 mutation show a temperature sensitive repair defect; that is, they are defective in the repair of DNA damage at 43", but not at 30" (39). They are, however, viable at both temperatures. The polAI2 polymerase is extremely thermosensitive. It is also rapidly dena36. P. Hanawalt, A. Burrell, P. Cooper, and W. Masker, In "DNA Synthesis and Its Regulation" (M. Goulian and P. ), p. 774. Benjamin, Menlo Park, 1975. 37. I. R. Lehman, and D. Uyemura, Science 193, %3 (1976).

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