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By Theophrastus of Eresus, David Sider (ed.), Carl Wolfram Brunschön (ed.)

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On climate symptoms, frequently ascribed to Theophrastus, comprises the main whole record of such indicators in antiquity and it was once, during this or a few very comparable shape, consulted by way of Aratus, Vergil (in Georgics I), and Pliny the Elder, in addition to through many different authors in the course of the Byzantine interval. This version is the 1st to take account of the entire manuscripts and the remark, the 1st in over a century, is on a miles grander scale than previous ones by way of Schneider (1818-21) and wooden (1894), directory just about all parallel texts for every signal. The advent areas the paintings within the context of its style and for the 1st time lays out the main points of its manuscript culture.

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Martin’s Bude´ comm. ad Arat. 918 f. INTRODUCTION 27 pallidus vel pluvia sit impendente maculosus. 5 Ae¨r vero et mare ipsum nubiumque magnitudo vel species sollicitos instruit nautas. 6 Aliquanta ab avibus, aliquanta significantur a piscibus, quae Vergilius in Georgicis divino paene comprehendit ingenio et Varro in libris navalibus diligenter excoluit. 7 Haec gubernatores sese scire profitentur, sed eatenus, quatenus eos peritiae usus instituit, non altior doctrina formavit. (ed. M. D. Reeve; see index locorum).

Kz′ EyÆkthÂmoni KyÂvn eÆpiteÂllei. EyÆdoÂjvì KyÂvn eëv Äìow eÆpiteÂllei´ kaiÁ taÁw Ä tai eëpomeÂnaw hëmeÂraw ne′ eÆthsiÂai pneÂoysin´ aië deÁ peÂnte aië prv 63 This dative (“according to/as found in [a work of] X ”) is common in parapegmatic literature; cf. 422 Anm. 21. 24 INTRODUCTION proÂdromoi kaloyÄntai. KalliÂppvì KarkiÂnow lhÂgei aÆnateÂllvn pneymatvÂdhw. kh′ EyÆkthÂmoni ’AetoÁw dyÂnei´ xeimvÁn kataÁ uaÂlassan eÆpigiÂnetai. l′ KalliÂppvì LeÂvn aÍrxetai aÆnateÂllein´ noÂtow pneiÄ´ kaiÁ KyÂvn aÆnateÂllvn faneroÁw giÂnetai.

96 See further Sider “On On Signs” (above, n. 90) 104 f. 38 INTRODUCTION know what temperature or precipitation a wind is likely to bring with it. 98 DS , then, with no recourse to gods, its naming of its sources, and its impractical arrangement, bespeaks a certain scientific appearance. Lacking, however, is any attempt to understand why these signs work as they do, either in general or in particular, as we find in the Physiognomonika and in Aristotle himself in his work on weather signs; cf. Arist.

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On Weather Signs by Theophrastus of Eresus, David Sider (ed.), Carl Wolfram Brunschön (ed.)

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