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By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

ISBN-10: 0441008984

ISBN-13: 9780441008988

Her first ebook brought Matilda Black and Edmund Reynolds, whose designated talents and demanding situations united them-and introduced them to a superb outdated "haunted condominium" that sheltered Edmund and his neighbors after they have been younger. Now, that residence calls them to arrive out to these friends-and reunite them to defeat a strong, harmful magic. "Her creative plotting explores reminiscence, the character of recollection and private growth." (Kirkus reports) "A lasting addition to the city fable canon." (Booklist) "Chronicles the destinies of younger women and men as they fight to come back to phrases with the magic that flows throughout the global round them...sensuous prose and delicate humor upload a sleek attraction to this myth adventure." (Library magazine)

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Nathan had cautioned Suki not to use every bit of gold; she needed some as starter if she wanted to collect more. She still had gold bands of magic on both wrists. Matt didn’t know what she did with them. They left the house, cut through the backyard over to Fourteenth Street, and from there headed downhill to the ocean. They walked two blocks in companionable silence. The High Tide Inn lay at the bottom of Fourteenth Street, boasting all-room ocean views and fireplaces, and over-the-waves dining in the Catch of the Day Restaurant.

Chocolate made him stop what he was doing, close his eyes, and vanish into the taste. Dark, smooth, bittersweet, it touched his tongue like nothing else had. ” Juanita asked him after a minute. He opened his eyes, blinked away tears. “Chocolate,” he said. She leaned closer, studied him, then smiled. ” Strangest of all, he didn’t want any more just then. It seemed too special to eat like other foods. They finished around midnight. Julio figured it had been the longest day of his life, but when he lay in bed with the lights out, he knew it wasn’t over yet.

Julio figured it had been the longest day of his life, but when he lay in bed with the lights out, he knew it wasn’t over yet. —Julio wondered. — —The house always knew me before, Tabasco. How different am I? — Julio scratched his nose, scratched the front of his left leg with the calluses on his right heel, and thought about this. Nathan hadn’t doubted he was himself, even though the house and the witches had worried. — Julio sat up in the darkness and looked out his window. Across the street, a new apartment house was going up.

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