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By Slawomir Sujecki

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"Photonics Modeling and layout gives you a concise creation to the modeling and layout of photonic units. Assuming a basic wisdom of photonics and the working rules of fibre and semiconductor lasers, this book:Describes the research of the sunshine propagation in dielectric mediaDiscusses warmth diffusion and service shipping Applies the offered thought to strengthen fibre and semiconductor laser models  Read more...

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Start Set the free space wavelength λ Select N for 2N equidistant sampling points for FFT Initialise: at z = 0, U ( x, 0) Calculate FFT of U ( x, 0) : V (k x , 0) = ℑ U ( x, 0) Calculate V (k x , L ) = V (k x , 0) e jkZ L Obtain U ( x, L ) by calculating inverse FFT of V (k x , L ) Stop ( ) optical beam shape, which makes the proposed Fourier method a very useful tool for studying optical beam propagation in a homogenous medium. Finally, it is noted that it is not necessary for the reader to be familiar with functional analysis to understand the presented material; however, further information on this topic can be found in a number of textbooks [7,8].

For this purpose U ( x, 0) has to be sampled at a set of equidistantly spaced points x l within a window of width MΔx where Δx is the sampling interval and M is the total number of samples. The set of samples U ( x, 0) can be used to calculate the DFT values at a set of spatial frequencies k xm = l/MΔx. 6, and the final summation is performed using the inverse DFT. Both the DFT and the inverse DFT can be easily and efficiently implemented on a computer using fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms that are readily available from most numerical modelling libraries and from standard reference books on numerical modelling [6].

The calculation window is 600 μm while the number of samples is 28 while the beam is propagated for 500 μm. The arrow indicates the direction of the optical beam propagation. M −1 ∑ 2 U (k xm , 0) = l =0 1 M M −1 ∑ U ( x , 0) 2 l l =0 and M −1 ∑ U (k xm , L ) 2 = l =0 1 M M −1 ∑ U ( x , L) 2 l l =0 2 2 Similarly, as in the previous case, it can be shown that U ( f x , L ) = U ( f x , 0) for 2 2 propagating waves and U ( f x , L ) ≠ U ( f x , 0) for the evanescent waves. indb 25 10/11/2014 10:47:10 AM 26 Photonics Modeling and Design The power conservation for an algorithm is closely linked with the reciprocity.

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