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By Robert Asprin

Meet the warriors of Captain Willard Phule's Company--a handful of army rejects capable of do extra harm prior to nine A.M. than most folks do all day. Threatened by means of an alien enemy, Earth's army sends Phule and his infantrymen to planet. yet now, the extraterrestrial beings have selected a brand new aim of warfare . . . Phule's corporation. unique.

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As I understand it, you were ordered to stand silent picket duty... to note and report any ship movement off-planet. Period. " "I wasn't ordered not to! " Beeker raised his eyebrows expressively. "Battle? " "That's why I made my move. " "It was already over," Beeker pointed out dryly. " "But I didn't know that! I just saw the net go down and-" "And talked the hot-shot pilot on duty into going in on a strafing run. " "It was a simple case of bad communications," the lieutenant grumbled, avoiding his comrade's eyes.

Umm... " Brandy drawled. "I don't think you quite understand. Scuttlebutt has it that he's invited Regular Army to perform that duty instead of us. They get to show off their pretty dress uniforms in town while we sit out in the swamp... " A low growl rumbled though the assemblage. Phule noted it, as his lips compressed into a thin line of annoyance. "We'll see about that," he said grimly. "All right. " He waited a moment, then nodded at the silence. "Very well, then. The last note is that I want you all to assemble your personal gear and stand by to move out first thing in the morning.

It took Phule a moment to recognize his new name and rank. "That's right," he acknowledged hastily. " "Yes, sir. As soon as you... " The pilot had spotted the caravan of porters wheeling three cart-loads of baggage with them. "Hmm? Oh, that's just my personal luggage. " "Hey, wait a second! All weight for a flight has to be cleared in advance. " Inwardly Phule sighed. He had been afraid something like this would happen. Though under contract to the Legion, on board ship the pilot had ultimate authority.

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