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By Elsa Reichmanis, Scott A. MacDonald, Takao Iwayanagi

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content material: Polymers in microlithography : an summary / Elsa Reichmanis and Larry F. Thompson --
Brönsted acid iteration from triphenylsulfonium salts in acid-catalyzed photoresist motion pictures / D.R. McKean, U. Schaedeli, and Scott A. MacDonald --
Chemically amplified resists : impression of polymer and acid generator constitution / Francis M. Houlihan, Elsa Reichmanis, Larry F. Thompson, and Regine G. Tarascon --
Copolymer method of layout of delicate deep-UV withstand structures with excessive thermal balance and dry etch resistance / Hiroshi Ito, Mitsuru Ueda, and Mayumi Ebina --
Nonswelling unfavorable resists incorporating chemical amplification : the electrophilic fragrant substitution procedure / Jean M.J. Fréchet, Stephen Matuszczak, Harald D.H. Stöver, C. supply Willson, and Berndt Reck --
Acid-catalyzed cross-linking in phenolic-resin-based destructive resists / A.K. Berry, K.A. Graziano, L.E. Bogan, Jr., and J.W. Thackeray --
New layout for self-developing imaging platforms in line with thermally labile polyformals / Jean M.J. Fréchet, C. furnish Willson, T. Iizawa, T. Nishikubo, okay. Igarashi, and J. Fahey --
Polysilanes : answer photochemistry and deep-UV lithography / R.D. Miller, G. Wallraff, N. Clecak, R. Sooriyakumaran, J. Michl, T. Karatsu, A.J. McKinley, K.A. Klingensmith, and J. Downing --
Syntheses of base-soluble Si polymers and their software to resists / Shuzi Hayase, Rumiko Horiguchi, Yasunobu Onishi, and Toru Ushirogouchi --
Lithographic overview of phenolic resin-dimethyl siloxane block copolymers / M.J. Jurek and Elsa Reichmanis --
coaching of a singular silicone-based confident photoresist and its program to a picture reversal procedure / Akinobu Tanaka, Hiroshi Ban, and Saburo Imamura --
Photooxidation of polymers : program to dry-developed single-layer deep-UV resists / Omkaram Nalamasu, Frank A. Baiocchi, and Gary N. Taylor --
Kinetics of polymer etching in an oxygen glow discharge / Charles W. Jurgensen --
Quantitative research of a laser interferometer waveform received in the course of oxygen reactive-ion etching of skinny polymer motion pictures / B.C. Dems, P.D. Krasicky, and F. Rodriguez --
review of numerous natural fabrics as planarizing layers for lithographic and etchback processing / L.E. Stillwagon and Gary N. Taylor --
New unfavourable deep-UV face up to for KrF excimer laser lithography / Masayuki Endo, Yoshiyuki Tani, Masaru Sasago, and Noboru Nomura --
Characterization of a thiosulfate functionalized polymer : a water-soluble photosensitive zwitterion / C.E. Hoyle, D.E. Hutchens, and S.F. Thames --
Pyrimidine derivatives as lithographic fabrics / Yoshiaki Inaki, Minoo Jalili Moghaddam, and Kiichi Takemoto --
Synthesis of recent metal-free diazonium salts and their functions to microlithography / Shou-ichi Uchino, Michiaki Hashimoto, and Takao Iwayanagi --
Photobleaching chemistry of polymers containing anthracenes / James R. Sheats --
Lithography and spectroscopy of ultrathin Langmuir-Blodgett polymer motion pictures / S.W.J. Kuan, P.S. Martin, L.L. Kosbar, C.W. Frank, and R.F.W. Pease --
Dissolution of phenolic resins and their blends / J.P. Huang, E.M. Pearce, A. Reiser, and T.K. Kwei --
Solvent focus profile of poly(methyl methacrylate) dissolving in methyl ethyl ketone : a fluorescence-quenching research / William Limm, Mitchell A. Winnik, Barton A. Smith, and Deirdre T. Stanton --
Molecular stories on laser ablation methods of polymeric fabrics through time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy / Hiroshi Masuhara, Akira Itaya, and Hiroshi Fukumura --
Mechanism of polymer photoablation explored with a quartz crystal microbalance / Sylvain Lazare and Vincent Granier --
Mechanism of UV- and VUV-induced etching of poly(methyl methacrylate) : proof for an energy-dependent response / Nobuo Ueno, Tsuneo Mitsuhata, Kazuyuki Sugita, and Kenichiro Tanaka.

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4 μ π Γ 2 * 1 Etching resistance = novolac based positive photoresists Shelf-life > 1 year * F o r tools using conventional H g sources a sensitivity of < 10 m J c m " may be required. 2 amines the available light sources and associated optical systems, it appears unlikely that a material with an overall quantum efficiency of one or less w i l l pro­ vide the required sensitivity (7). A new class of resists that achieve differential solubility from an acid catalyzed chemical reaction were discovered by Ito, et al (8,9).

A direct correlation was observed between the number o f equivalents of acid added and the degree of bleaching of the dye which indicates complete product formation. A similar result was observed by Gaines Q5) for addition of methanesulfonic acid. Since the superacids such as hexafluoroantimonic acid are stronger than either trifiuoroacetic acid or methanesulfonic acid (16), the bleaching of dye absorbance with superacids will correlate well with acid concentration. 6 A c i d Generation in Photoresist Films.

C. d. 0 Acid Generator (5wt%) Nitrobenzyl Tosylate Mode Casting Solvent* Atmosphere Thermal C AD 11 Composition Mole% I II III 87 13 Nitrobenzyl Tosylate Thermal X AD 16 64 36 - Tosic Acid Hydrate Therma Dinitrobenzyl Tosylate hv c AD 16 88 12 - Dinitrobenzyl Tosylate hv c AS 4 66 34 - Dinitrobenzyl Tosylate hv c AP 10 83 17 - Triphenylsulfonium Hexafluoroarsenate hv c AD 14 77 23 Triphenylsulfonium Hexafluoroarsenate hv c AW 8 31 37 5 d %Depolymerization 32 C denotes cyclohexanone and X denotes xylene.

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