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Sse = Snow Cloud Discriminator. The SSC is sensor push broom scan radiometer. IDl (IR). A binary system, it was used to determine the presence of snow versus clouds. It is a pro- - 26posed concept sensor intended to help determine if machine processing could make the snow/cloud determination. 2° cross-track scan is provided by a linear array of 48 detector elements at the image plane of a wide-angle lens. • SSB = Gamma X-Ray Detector. SSB/A = X-Ray Spectrometer. The SSB/A detects X - rays and gamma rays from bomb debris or those X-rays produced by the Bremsstrahlung process when electrons precipitate from the Earth's radiation belts.

EOS is designed to gather a 15 -year data set on the Earth's coupled systems. See Fig. 7 for definition. Note, the sensors are defined under the 'EOS Original Version'. 4. Follow-on EOS Missions. - Follow-on Earth Probes Series EOS-SAR Geostationary platforms As in the original EOS program, most spacecraft will fly in sun - synchronous polar orbits but with different equatorial crossing times - the AM and PM series. The AM-and PM SIC (the principal EOS SIC) will be repeated twice on five-year centers for at least fifteen years' data coverage.

AMSU-A/MHS = Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (NOAA Instrument on EOS)/Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS is provided by EUMETSAT). The AMSU-A (see also MTS, new name) provides temperature soundings whereas the MHS provides humidity soundings. 3 deg. beamwidth; ). 3 GHz and 89 GHz). 3 degrees. 3 K degrees. 1 deg. beamwidth. • ASTER = Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (NASDAsensor). Previous name: ITIR = Intermediate Thermal Infrared Radiation. Objective: Surface (land and water) and cloud imaging with spatially high resolutions and with multi-spectral channels from the visible to the thermal infrared spectrum.

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