Reduplication: Doubling in Morphology by Sharon Inkelas PDF

By Sharon Inkelas

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This groundbreaking examine takes a singular method of reduplication, a phenomenon wherein languages use repetition to create new phrases. Sharon Inkelas and Cheryl Zoll current a brand new version of reduplication--Morphological Doubling thought --that derives the whole diversity of reduplication styles. This procedure argues for a theoretical shift in phonology that involves extra realization to be aware constitution.

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The disyllabicity requirement on the reduplicant must be satisfied, however, and in Ndebele compels the insertion of the semantically empty stem-forming morpheme -a: (18) lim-e lim-ile thum-e thum-ile lima-lime lima-limile thuma-thume thuma-thumile ‘cultivate (subjunctive)’ ‘cultivate (perfective)’ ‘send (subjunctive)’ ‘send (perfective)’ Example (19) illustrates the MDT approach to reduplication of the stem lim- in Ndebele. e. ’ This morphosyntactic agreement is not disrupted by the fact that the reduplicant has an input morph, semantically empty -a, that the base does not.

Phonological copying provides onset for repetitive prefix ei. /-e-, sˇəl’/ → sˇe- sˇil’ /rep, chop/ ‘I cut it up repeatedly’ ii. /-e-, niˇc’-n’-t-əxw / → n’-e-n’´ıcˇ ’n’txw rep, cut-ctr-tr-2sgTrS ‘you kept cutting’ In all such cases, phonological copying is at work. Autosegmental phonology would spread a consonant to the onset position; in Optimality Theory the Onset constraint compels the insertion of a consonant that agrees featurally with a nearby consonant (on string-internal segmental agreement, see, for example, Walker 2000a; Hansson 2001; Rose & Walker 2001).

MS feature duplication is clearly necessary in these cases, as will be argued throughout the book. The question is whether there is still a role for phonological copying. It is argued in Chapters 5 and 7 that MS feature duplication cannot replace phonological copying, but that the scope of phonological copying is limited to a narrow set of contexts. These include some phenomena that previously have been classified as reduplication but which are not amenable to a morphological doubling analysis, in part because the doubled element is something very small, Phonological copying 21 like a single consonant or vowel, and in part because the doubling has a purely phonological purpose, rather than being associated with a change in meaning.

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