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By Richard Bandler

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The that means that any occasion has depends on the "frame" during which we understand it. once we switch the body, we modify the which means. Reframing isn't new. Reframing looks generally within the healing procedure. An "all-purpose" approach to reframing, known as "six step" reframing, used to be constructed by way of Bandler and Grinder, and already appears to be like in print in Frogs Into Princes. what's new during this ebook is an particular description of the elemental buildings of reframing, and the presentation of numerous extra types of reframing. This publication provides particular step by step recommendations to enforce those versions, in addition to how you can verify which version is fantastic for a selected challenge scenario.

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I don't argue with success like that. Woman: I do something similar when I want to change the way the family members view the "problem" child. In a family session I'll say to the child "Don't stop getting into trouble. You're doing something really important with this behavior. " Excellent. There are actually two reframes in that intervention: 1) describing the problem behavior as a useful way to get attention, and 2) characterizing the symptomatic problem behavior as being under conscious control.

OK. There's obviously another part involved in this. There's a part that believes you should be taking notes: that this is somehow relevant and important to your education. Would you go inside and ask that part if it would be willing to tell you what it is doing for you by taking notes. . Kit: It's just an anchor. It's an anchor for? . Kit: A state of mind. OK. Now, ask it if it can think of some other anchor you could use for the next two hours. . ) Good. Tell it to go ahead and use that. 54 Now, part of what I just did has to do with the negotiation model, and I mixed it up with some other things.

It's always on the lookout for possible dangers. Now, ask that "well-being" part this: if it was not interrupted when it was spending time organizing your behavior in the activity that you call 'worry'—what I call 'preparation'—would it be willing to allow you to listen to lectures without interrupting? Ask if that's a trade it would be willing to make, if it had a way of being sure that the other part wouldn't interrupt it. . ) OK. Now, go to the part that likes to listen to lectures. Ask if that part thinks it's important for you to pay attention during lectures, and not to let your mind wander into things which are not important at that particular time.

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