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This is observed for M4(C0)12N2R2 (M = Fe or Ru). It is noteworthy that the clusters 109 have the N2R2 fragment bonded in an v2-p2-p2configuration rather than in the more symmetrical vZ-p3-p3 arrangement observed for alkyne coordination (110). The bonding framework of the NzRzmolecule has one more electron pair than predicted for the alkyne derivative. The latter fits the cluster counting rules, having seven skeletal electron pairs with an octahedral framework. 136It is interesting to note that this is a structural isomer of Ru4 (C0)12Bi2(112) where the two bismuth atoms occupy trans vertices of the o c t a h e d r ~ n .

In addition, the Co-Co bonds parallel to the C4 axis of the molecule have been broken and have been replaced with four Bi-CointerStitial interactions. The result is that 61 can be viewed as a cuboctahedron, which is more apparent if the compound is viewed from a different perspective (62B). This also emphasizes the close-packed nature of the metal array. 62A 62B 63 I. ( P ~ - E ) ~Compounds M~ In addition to bridging square arrays of metal, E fragments may also adopt a p5-configuration. Complexes of this type have been summarized 34 KENTON H.

303-30sThe orbital analysis of KENTON H. WHITMIRE 26 r\ F A 48 M M 47 SCHEMF3 [E ~ C O ~ ( C O ) , , ] ’ - ’[Bi4Fe4(C0)13]2-, ~-, and the bridged tetrahedral structures are similar in the formation of nonbonding orbitals that can hold more electrons than normally predicted. ‘Bu 49 Compounds having the bridged tetrahedal structural type are listed in Table XVII. Also listed in the table are EM4 molecules that have a similar edge-bridged tetrahedral core. The examples known are tetrarnetal systems with a PR group (SO).

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