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By Jenna Petersen

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Katherine Fleming has lived her lifestyles with no even a touch of indiscretion. So she is devastated to find the nobleman she's engaged to has a mystery he is saved from her: a spouse! all of sudden Katherine's enmeshed in a scandal that has the ton buzzing—and compelled to simply accept a such a lot unconventional suggestion from the infamous seducer Dominic Mallory, her faithless fiancé's brother

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How he wished he could laugh in Cole’s face and leave him to scandal and bankruptcy. But two things kept him from doing so. One was the need to take what Cole offered. And whether he ever admitted it out loud or not, the other was the look on Katherine’s face when he shut the office door earlier in the evening. The pain in her eyes had been a pain he’d felt himself so many times. Loss. SCANDALOUS 37 But marriage? It wasn’t something he ever considered. Not with his bastard secret and firsthand knowledge of how ugly and twisted a match could become.

All the fight slipped from her as she stared at this stranger. This man who wanted to take her as his wife. ” she asked softly before glancing back and forth between the two men. ” To her dismay, both shook their heads. With a purse of her lips, Katherine threw up her hands. ” She shot both men a look. “Take care of it. ” With that, she pushed past them and headed toward the sanctuary of the house. Before she went in, she made the mistake of peeking back over her shoulder. Dominic stared at her with a look so intense it nearly pinned her where she stood.

Suddenly everything became very clear to Dominic. Sickeningly clear. “That’s why you were marrying her, isn’t it? ” The room was silent for a long moment while Cole considered that. “Yes, partly. And of course, you must have noticed how beautiful she is. It’s a pity, really. ” Though he hadn’t yet agreed to take his brother’s place as Katherine’s husband, Colden’s vulgar admission caused a rush of protective rage to course through Dominic. ” he asked with ice on each word. Cole let out an ugly laugh.

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