September Morning by Diana Palmer PDF

By Diana Palmer

Just one factor stands among Kate and the fellow she loves, and that something is the fellow she loves. Blake swears he could by no means stroll down the aisle, until it really is within the different course. altering the methods of this smug lady-killer will not be effortless. specifically whilst he insists on scuffling with their lifelong conflict of wills as fiercely as ever.

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Della who? “Della Ness. He just broke it off with her,” he explained. A pang of something shivered through her slender body, and she wondered why the thought of Blake with a woman should cause a sensation like that. ” He laughed softly. ” She blushed. ” “She’s been bothering him ever since, calling up and crying and sending him letters ... ” He whirled her around in time to the music and brought her back against him loosely. “It hasn’t helped his temper any. I think he was glad for the European trip.

She asked, belatedly comprehending. She swallowed hard. “Uh. I just . ” He laughed shortly. ” 1ler full lips pouted. ” One heavy dark eyebrow went up. He looked completely relaxed, imperturbable. That composure rattled her, and she couldn’t help wondering it anything ever made him lose it. ” he asked. ” She studied the hard lines of his face, noting the faint tautness of fatigue that only a stranger would miss. ” she asked suddenly, warming to him. He took a draw from the cigarette. “Dead,” he admitted.

Suddenly, terribly, it mattered. Blake was her ... She stopped, frowning. Her what? “Kathryn, you aren’t listening,” Phillip said patiently. ” She looked up at him. ” she asked indignantly. ” “Of course not “ hc said, placating her. ” She drew a deep, angry breath. ” She thought about it, imagining an outfit daring enough to make even Blake take notice. A tiny smile touched her pink mouth. “All right. Take me someplace expensive. ” “Uh, Kathryn. ” Phillip said. “Blake won’t get the bill until next month,” she reminded him.

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