Deborah Smith's Sweet Hush PDF

By Deborah Smith

ISBN-10: 0446611409

ISBN-13: 9780446611404

Smith chefs up a passionate tale a few girl whose lifestyles is thrown into chaos whilst her son elopes with the daughter of the President of the USA. comprises an brand-new brief tale.

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I turned around and looked up into Davy’s gleaming eyes. He blushed, frowned, and restored his everyday persona with a shrug. ” he whispered. I reached up and touched his cheek, making him blink and suck in a startled breath. At that moment, I was sure he loved me with all the faith and honor in the world. No one seriously believed I’d keep the farm. I was so sunk in grief and worry I barely looked up — but every time I did, Davy was there. A charmer, a bullshit artist of the old school, driving too fast and cheating his luck.

He said they were just his fans. I believed him. But he worked alongside me in the orchards harder than he’d ever worked before in his life or would ever work again, although in his spare time he howled at the moon and tried to charm me into howling with him. “I don’t like the racetrack,” I said bluntly. ” “Not just reading. Education. Education will make me more money than all the jackpots in the world. ” “You’re already smarter than any other girl in the world. ” He had a way with words. But not with me.

But Davy was potent, and I was careless in love. That spring, when I realized I was pregnant, I sank to my knees under the branches of the Great Lady and shook my fists at her. “Why? Why give me more responsibility to handle? What did I do to deserve this punishment? I give you everything, but you give back nothing but another baby to raise! I’ve already got my brother to take care of! ” I cursed my own unborn child, sat thinking about ways to pay for an abortion, then dully admitted I didn’t have the courage to risk the hellfire preached by every mountain minister who’d ever pointed a finger at evil women.

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