Syntax within the Word: Economy, allomorphy, and argument by Daniel Siddiqi PDF

By Daniel Siddiqi

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Syntax in the Word offers a multifaceted inspect the syntactic framework of dispensed Morphology (DM) in the Minimalist application. For these surprising with the speculation, this monograph offers an summary of DM and argues its strengths. For these extra conversant in DM, this monograph presents analyses of accepted information a lot of which has no longer been taken care of in the framework: argument choice, stem allomorphy and suppletion, nominal compounds in English (feet-first vs. *heads-first), and the constitution of the verb word. This monograph additionally proposes a destiny for the idea within the type of revisions to DM together with: the removal of readjustment ideas, a brand new economic system constraint (Minimize Exponence) that triggers fusion of practical heads, and a function blocking off system.

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Therefore, while the model of the grammar I propose here essentially removes Marantz’s solution to that problem without proposing a new one, Marantz’s solution already ran into the problem that there is in fact suppletion of content morphemes. This proposal, however, does have the effect of discarding the strange prediction that forms like bad/worse and go/went are not linked to roots. 3 2. Licensing Recall from chapter 2 that in the pre-Pfau model of DM, VIs which belong to only one “class” (such as noun) are licensed by the c-commanding functional head according to the proposal by Harley & Noyer (2000).

Readjustment rules Finally, there are types of allomorphy that cannot be captured using the processes described above: Allomorphy whose conditioning environment is not phonological,2 but rather is morphological. In the case of functional morphemes, this morphological conditioning is captured through some combination of competition and secondary exponence. However, since DM assumes root morphemes are not in competition with each other, there is a process whereby the phonology of the VI is changed as a result of morphologically conditioning.

This adds to both the computational load of the grammar and to the memory load on the grammar. By proposing that each allomorphic pair is a set of memorized words, we don’t alleviate the load on memory – each VI - readjustment rule pair is replaced with a VI-VI pair – but we do relieve the computational load of the grammar. In this model, there isn’t the computational load of readjusting roots; instead, there is the already extant load of choosing the VI to be inserted. However, this reintroduces the problem that Marantz (1997) appealed to in his justification of readjustment rules: learnability.

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Syntax within the Word: Economy, allomorphy, and argument selection in Distributed Morphology (Linguistik Aktuell Linguistics Today) by Daniel Siddiqi

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