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By Ian Stewart, Vann Joines

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Jack Dusay did not suggest dividing up the bars into positive and negative parts, but it can be interesting to d o so. Y o u can shade in a part of the bars for C P , N P , F C and A C to show 'negative'. This leaves the rest of the bar showing 'positive'. For instance, I believe that most of my time in A d a p t e d Child is spent in positive rule-following. W h e n I behave in uncensored Free Child ways, most of these behaviors also lead to comfortable and productive outcomes. I am not often in Nurturing Parent, but when I am, I hardly ever 'smother' people in a negative way.

In Child, I will often be into feelings. A n d when I'm in Parent, I will often be making value-judgments. But these obvious clues to ego-states fall far short of giving us a full description of each ego-state. T h e over-simplified model completely omits to mention that I can think and feel and make value-judgments from any of my ego-states. A n even more serious fault of the over-simplified model is that it says nothing about the time dimension of ego-states. Again and again, Berne emphasized that Parent and Child are echoes of the past.

2 Distinguishing structure from function T o use the ego-state model effectively, you need clear understanding of the differences between structure and function. Confusion between the two has been a longstanding problem in the development of T A theory. Yet the differences themselves are easy to understand. They all arise from one simple fact, which you already know about. The functional model classifies observed behaviors, while the structural model classifies stored memories and strategies. So long as you keep this in mind, you will distinguish accurately between structure and function.

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