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By Lawrence Block

The CIA, the FBI, the KGB, Interpol—not one of many world's optimum intelligence agencies is familiar with really what to make of Evan Michael Tanner. Is he a undercover agent, a mercenary, a footloose adventurer, or just a screwball sucker for hopeless causes?

(Actually he is slightly of all the above. Plus he by no means sleeps. Ever.)

One thing's evidently: Tanner's a real romantic, that is why he cannot refuse a distraught mom who begs him to rescue her misplaced, pure-as-driven-snow daughter. Phaedra Harrow (nee Deborah Horowitz) as soon as shared Tanner's condo yet no longer his mattress. And now the virginal beauty's been kidnapped through white slavers within the Afghan wilderness.

Finding Phaedra can be tricky adequate. Bringing her again alive and unmolested will be very unlikely. and primary Tanner should swim the English Channel, live to tell the tale trigger-happy Russian terrorists . . . and perhaps pull off a well timed assassination or two.

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