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By Nathan Field, Trudy Harvey, Belinda Sharp

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This quantity is a much-needed exploration of latest theories on psychotherapy and spirituality, relocating clear of the extra conventional, non-spiritual points of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. It contains a discussion among the opposing aspects that mirrors the early conversation concerning spirituality among Freud and Jung, and opens up doorways for carrying on with collaboration among psychoanalysis as a natural technological know-how and the religious and non secular dimensions inside. This inspiring choice of papers grew from the lectures held in 2002 on the London Centre of Psychotherapy. for the time of elevated curiosity within the extra clinical colleges of psychoanalysis, resembling neuropsychoanalysis, there's additionally a surge of curiosity in spirituality inside psychoanalysis, as validated by means of the good curiosity in those lectures. "The foregoing advancements, now largely mentioned within the psychoanalytic literature, prompted my method in establishing those lectures. If in the bastions of "hard" technological know-how internal event has develop into a valid subject of debate; if even the most important figures on this planet of physics -- Einstein, Heisenberg, Pauli, and Bohm - may perhaps publicly recognize a religious point of view, maybe the time used to be ripe to aim a modest resumption of the aborted collaboration among Freud and Jung?" -- Nathan box from the IntroductionContributors: Karen Armstrong, Bernardine Bishop, David M. Black, Ronald Britton, Patrick Casement, Adrian Dickinson, Nathan box, Rosemary Gordon, Josephine Klein, Chris MacKenna, David Mayers, Tom McDonnell, Donald Meltzer, Steven Mendoza, Andrew Samuels, Jennifer Silverstone, Hester Solomon, Kenneth Wright

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And this must profoundly affect our ideas of evolution, for then it does not just become a blind process of survival, but a process of active interaction with the world. The struggle for survival becomes the struggle to make a better society. I wonder if it was this sense of struggle that, for me, was missing from David Black’s paper, with its rather passive image of the chimpanzee “being selected for” survival by virtue of what zoologists call “reciprocal altruism”. I think this sense of struggle that we can see in the world, the continual struggle to achieve peace in the Field/correx 3/11/05 2:14 PM 40 111 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 711 8 9 20 1 2 3 4 511 6 7 8 9 311 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 911 Page 40 TEN LECTURES ON PSYCHOTHERAPY AND SPIRITUALITY face of violence, is the struggle that we all have in our individual lives, and that our patients bring us.

After publishing The Origin of Species, he waited a further twelve years before publishing The Descent of Man. There, he shows his very clear perception that henceforth we had to account for the so-called spiritual qualities of human beings—the capacities for love, conscience, the pursuit of knowledge, and so on—by linking their origin with the evolutionary imperatives of survival and reproduction. In his view there was no other source for life’s characteristics. With Darwin we arrive at the sharp point of the attack made by “materialism” upon “spirituality”, by “science” upon “religion”.

There is no reason to believe in some sort of spiritual “stuff”, alternative to matter, out of which “souls” are made. Words such as “spirit” and “spirituality” survive as metaphors from the pre-Galilean worldview. What we are talking about, to use more pedestrian and literal language, are emergent properties, which accrue as our sympathy, stabilized by language and cultural tradition, reaches out more widely and consistently to the denizens of our universe. The process is an ongoing and variable one, not divinely safeguarded, and always subject, like every other living process, to derailment by unforeseen events.

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Ten lectures on psychotherapy and spirituality by Nathan Field, Trudy Harvey, Belinda Sharp

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