Margaret George's The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, PDF

By Margaret George

ISBN-10: 0312194390

ISBN-13: 9780312194390

A lot has been written in regards to the potent, egotistical Henry VIII: the fellow who dismantled the Church since it wouldn't supply him the divorce he sought after; who married six ladies and beheaded of them; who achieved his good friend Thomas ore; who sacked the monasteries; who longed for a son and missed his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth; who ultimately grew fats, disease-ridden, dissolute. Now, in her fabulous paintings of storytelling and mind's eye Margaret George deliver us Henry VIII's tale as he himself may need informed it, in memoirs interspersed with irreverent reviews from his jester and assured, Will Somers. Brilliantly combining background, wit, dramatic narrative, and a rare take hold of of the pleasures and perils of strength, this enormous novel exhibits us Henry the guy extra vividly than he has ever been noticeable ahead of.

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V The next morning Arthur called for courtiers to attend him in his bedchamber. He demanded cups of wine and was full of boasts about how marriage was thirsty work, and so on. He kept repeating this all day. It was the first thing he said to me as he emerged from his room and saw me. He even attempted a manful chuckle. Arthur and Katherine were at court all during the Christmas holidays, and I found I could not bear to be with them. I sulked and tried to avoid the festivities. This was so unlike me that the Queen eventually sought me out in my secret, solitary spot: an empty room high in the eaves of the palace.

First he seduced my mother before her marriage, and now you say he subsequently ct horror wherever he went. The only good he did, he did merely as a by-product of evil: his lust for my aunt, Anne Boleyn, caused him to break from the Pope. (Thus the Lord used even a sinner for His purposes. ) I spit on the late King, and his memory! And as for my cousin, Princess Elizabeth (the daughter of my mother’s sister, naught else), I pray that she may... no, it is too dangerous to put on paper, regardless of the trustworthiness of the messenger or the receiver.

Her ‘memoirs’ are vivid and enthralling. ” —Washington Post Book World “In nearly a thousand pages, [George] creates countless memorable moments.... The first page transports you to the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean.... Throughout the novel, Ms. George gives a sweeping, lush interpretation of the life lived by one of history’s most mysterious and misunderstood women It’s as if you lived there, walked the streets and counseled the Queen through her turbulent life.... Here again, Ms. Georfont size="3">Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles “An historical novel of exceptional quality, and one that is completely mesmerizing.

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