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Integrated among the arrangements for mobilephone dtivision in mos, t better vegetation and animals is the constel1ation . of eV'eruts encompassing the for mation . of the, spindle or mitotic app'al'latus, based upon th, e org1anism. those are temporary buildings, resP. onsibl

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Any fibers attached to kinetochores s·eem always to be directed toward the spindle poles and never directly connect tW,o or more kinetochores to one another. Such kinetochor,e-to-kinetochore attachment,s, with the resultant chaos, are strictly prohibited by the LETTRES hypothesi,s. Thes·e are some difficulties which the author feels IllJIlst be resolved before the centrio>lesand kinetochores can ,be consi,dered both structurally and functionally homologous. During the course of the preceding remarks in connection with the origin and continuity of centrioles, it was pointed out the centrioles maY arise from kinetochores and are themselves able to develop into hasal bodies.

In the resting cell there are two centrioles attached to each other by a fine fiber, but in this case one is long (oQld) and the other is short (new). The new centriole is actually a mere granule which had been produced during the previous generation. With the cmset of prophase the short centrioQle begins to elongate. However, instead oQf growing parallel to the old elongate centrioIe as is the case in Barbulanympha, it elongates in a direction at 900 from the oQld centriole. When the new centriole has become as long a's the old one, both begin the production of astral rays from their slightly swollen distal ends.

It should be mentioned that the nucleus is excluded. as the source of any specific precursors or presumptive centrioles. 8. There is evidence which implies that centrioles and kinetochores are homologous structures. Centriole reproduction 1. Evidence from classical cytology, electronmicroscopy and other techniques Centriole reproduction has been the subject of considerable experimental inquiry. The approach to this problem, utilized by the eminent cytologists of the last century and the beginning of this one, was that of microscopic identification and counting.

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