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By Guy Planty-Bonjour (auth.), Guy Planty-Bonjour (eds.)

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51 Whence one concludes that since realism refuses to recognise the experimenter as part of the experimental system 52 it must end up in scepticism. 53 History has shown that a misunderstood realist system can in fact lead to scepticism. Sartre writes that the experimenter must belong to the experiment. But Marxism knows that knowledge is a vital act of the subject, in which the subject and object are one. , knowledge that originates in sense-data and which, therefore, far from cutting itself off from the cosmos, knows it is involved therein.

De Vries, p. 50. Andreev [1], p. 199. " 58 Another author notes that the bond between things and consciousness is gradually established through human practice. 59 Thus, the Soviet argumentation contains two theses. First, against all forms of scepticism, the affirmation of the necessary and objective character of the laws of nature and, against Hume, of the ontological value of the principle of causality. But it is immediately added that the certitude of my knowledge (of this objective necessity) of the world is completely based on habit - not an individual, psychological habit but a historical habit, the ancestral experience.

200. Savinov, p. 90. 60 Lenin [4], p. 178. 61 "The coincidence [sovpadenie] of the 'logical' with the historical is based on the materialist theory of reflection and constitutes the point of departure of the logic of Marxism-Leninism" (Il'enkov [3], p. 343. 58 59 37 THE CA TEGORIES OF DIALECTICAL MA TERIALISM founded if one holds at the same time that this judgement has no intrinsic value? One invalidates the other. 62 What is more, Soviet philosophy takes too cavalier an attitude in condemning the pretensions of logical thought.

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The Categories of Dialectical Materialism: Contemporary Soviet Ontology by Guy Planty-Bonjour (auth.), Guy Planty-Bonjour (eds.)

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