The Dream Experience: A Systematic Exploration by Milton Kramer PDF

By Milton Kramer

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The Dream adventure presents the psychological general practitioner with a systematic clinical foundation for realizing the dream as a mental occasion. Milton Kramer’s vast learn, in addition to the findings of others, establishes that desires are dependent, no longer random, and associated meaningfully to wide awake occasions in lifestyle and prior thoughts. The e-book explores this hyperlink among goals and realization, supplying a assessment of data approximately normative dreaming, common or repetitive goals, and nightmares, whereas additionally displaying how psychological well-being pros can use dream content material in treatment with consumers. Kramer’s ebook is an illuminating description of dreaming for dreamers, therapists and neuroscientists.

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It is essentially the intensity of an affective dimension that changes, increasing across the time periods. The overall pattern of change was an increase in intensity from 5 to 10 minutes, then a plateau from 10 to 20 minutes and a further increase from 20 to 30 minutes. This pattern is the same whether rated by the dreamer, an external judge, or a content analysis of the dream reports (Kramer, Czaya, Arand, & Roth, 1974). There is a developmental course in reported dream content intensity, particularly in the affective aspects of the dream report, across the REM period.

Each subject was awakened twice a night, once during the second and once during the fourth REM period. 5, 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes into the REM period. ) which asked them to rate each of 12 questions on a 6-point scale for the last 10 seconds of dreaming. The parameters rated were recall, activity, emotion, anxiety, clarity, pleasantness, fright, violence-hostility, dramatic quality, distortion, relationship to personal life, and logic. : recall, emotion, anxiety, and pleasantness. The trend analysis on the four significant variables showed they were all linear and, in addition, emotion showed a quadratic or stepwise relationship.

More vivid, active, dramatic, and emotional (Foulkes, 1966; Verdone, 1965). The reports only sampled two time points, early and late, which limited the descriptive possibilities. We attempted to capture reports both total and immediately prior to awakening from six time points across the REM period (Kramer, Roth, & Czaya, 1975). We had four college age men who were good dream recallers sleep in the sleep laboratory for three nonconsecutive nights for eight weeks. Each subject was awakened twice a night, once during the second and once during the fourth REM period.

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