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By William Woishnis

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Sterilization of plastic elements in clinical units, packaging apparatus, and various different functions is critical. A prepared knowing of ways plastic parts will face up to the trials of assorted sterilization methods is important in those markets.

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Steam admission to the chamber with the vacuum pump running to purge the chamber of air and to heat the load 3. Followed by a series of pulses of formaldehyde gas 4. Followed by steam. 5. Formaldehyde is removed from the sterilizer and load by repeated alternate evacuations and flushing with steam and air. 3. Advantages:  Cycle time for formaldehyde gas is faster than that for EtO  The cost per cycle is relatively low. 35 The duration of the sterilization cycle is about 4 h and 15 min, and it occurs at 30e35  C.

After the addition of steam, the product is allowed to dwell or soak for the amount of time required to replace the moisture lost from the evacuation phase. 3. Liquid ethylene oxide is first heated into a gaseous phase and then injected into the chamber. It is often “diluted” with a carrier gas such as Freon [hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)]. 5% CO2. The amount of gas or gas concentration is dependent on two primary factors that are addressed during cycle design but it is usually 450e1200 mg/l. The most important factor is to assure that the minimum gas concentration required to achieve sterility within the product is attained.

I. Atomic, E. Agency, Gamma irradiators for radiation processing, Atomic Energy. ). 7. Kowalski W. UVGI disinfection. In: Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation handbook; 2009. p. 17e51. 8. Jeng DKH, Kaczmarek KA, Woodworth AG. Mechanism of microwave sterilization in the dry state. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1987;53:2133e7. 9. Tang J, Mikhaylenko G, Simunovic J. Microwave sterilization technology; 2008. 10. Frazier WC, Westhoff DC. Preservation by radiation, Food microbiology. 4th ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; 1988 (Chapter 10).

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