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I am digging a piece of ground to plant beans, and I go and dig up your carrot seeds. ', I could say (a) 'planting beans'. ' Normally, I would describe what I was doing under (a) or (b), and if asked how I did it, I might give (c), and, if pressed further, perhaps (d), but I should be unlikely to go to (e) or (f), except as excursions into physiology. 'Digging' (b) could be called the core action, with (c), (d), (e) and (f) as means to (b); I am probably not aware of (e) except by a deliberate switch of attention, and almost certainly not aware of (f).

So an adverb modifying a description of an event can make it name a different event: 'the event's being rapid or fatal or unexpected is itself an event, or at least an entity quite distinct from the event modified. This line of argument of course results in a multiplication of events ... '~ 4 Yes, indeed; as many as there can be modifying adverbs, if the modification adds another causal factor to the description. I do not think Davidson would accept this, since on his view of the logic of causal statements, where further specifications of the event are added as what he calls 'adverbial modifiers'is, the earlier clauses in the formula are entailed by the later ones.

25 Event Causation 37 Actions can enter into this kind of causal explanation. Actions are described through intentions; in 'agency causation' this is the form in which they are explained. Davidson is well aware that we talk in terms of agency causation, and that for some practical purposes this will be taken as explanatory. But unlike explanation in event causation, no general law can be cited. As he says, 'no law lurks'. 26 Actions might get into event causation by being described in terms of beliefs and desires, as events, but he sees no general psycho-physiological laws behind these.

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