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Gondwane . . . within the final days of Earth, the continents drifted jointly back after aeons of separation, and that used to be Gondwane.

Gondwane . . . while all of the kingdoms of all of the peoples of Earth had come and long gone and new ones arose, it used to be on Gondwane they created their ephemeral glories.

On Gondwane, amid the turmoil of the final wars and the final quests and the final efforts of scientists and alchemists, there arose one ultimate hero, the strong Ganelon Silvermane.

The saga of Ganelon is the telling of grasp fantasist Lin Carter. And it really is within the tale of the Scarlet Enchantress that Ganelon first chanced on the that means of manhood.

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Oh, you didn't know about the factories? Well, Shai is a pretty place, if you like glass—and if you care for red; I'm sick to death of the color myself, after all these months—but didn't you notice how many of the pretty buildings are mere facades, with nobody living inside them? What's on the surface is to fool visiting ambassadors and Outlander spies. Underground, it's all grimy manufactories, busily turning out the tools of war, and hordes of those metal men that can't be killed. " Ganelon rubbed his jaw reflectively.

Whatever happened, his love was futile ... After his brief questioning by Varesco's chief spy, the boy Phadia made his way swiftly into the Puera-torium, a huge, barracks-like room he shared with some fifty boys, and entered his own private cubicle. Sponging off his body-rouge and slipping out of his loin-cloth, he slid on a pair of white panties and pulled a light tunic of lavender silk on over his head. The tunic was so short that it barely covered his upper thighs, but it was the best he had.

He had little or no chance of fighting his way through such a heavy number, despite his own very-much-more-than-huinan strength and vigor. Well, he decided philosophically, if one has to be enslaved by Zelmarine the Enchantress, at least durance vile under conditions of such lavishness and comfort can be suffered pleasantly. 9. On the second evening of Ganelon's captivity in Shai, he met his captress at last. The occasion was an annual least wMca, in certain heathen and outlandish regions of Gondwane, such as that from which the Red Queen came, shamans and warlocks make sacrifice in order to propitiate the Moon.

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